Dental tourism

1. Prices that are up to 70% lower in comparison with the countries of Western Europe.

2. Top quality materials and constant keeping up with state-of-the-art achievements in dental medicine.

3. Supreme quality work of our professional team headed by dr Saša Stanković, which devotes much attention to continuing professional development.

4. Accommodation in studios nearby our dental practice.

5. Transport from the airport to the studios, as well as daily transport to the dental practice.

6. Possibility of making an appointment several months in advance.

7. Possibility of organising the entire visit to Leskovac.

We take care of our patients from the moment they land at airport.

Send us e-mail with panoramic x-ray or CT scan (if you need information about dental implants) and tell us what dental work is required (dental implant treatment, cosmetic dentistry, general dental treatment) or send us a local quotation, if you already have visited your dentist. Based on the provided information and panoramic x-ray we will do a detailed analysis and plan of therapy. In our returning mail we will provide you with the all necessary information like: dental treatment costs, treatment procedures, how many appointments are necessary, the time necessary for your stay and all other related information.

There are 3 flight options for our patients:

Niš → (transfer from airport to accommodation in 40 minutes by private professional driver)

Belgrade → (transfer in 2 hours and 30 minutes by private professional driver)

Skopje → (transfer in 2 hours by private professional driver)


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