Zirconia has been in use in cosmetic dentistry for many years and is widely accepted as the dental material of choice for dental prosthetics rehabilitations.

At our clinic we rely on zirconium prostheses, we do so due to their translucent properties comparable to natural teeth, their extremely high biocompatibility, their white colour which enables us to substantially improve the aesthetic, their fit, resistence and high tenacity against fracture.

CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthetics design

CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthetics permits the creation of Zirconium crowns 3D scanned and processed by computer creating the appearance of a more natural tooth.

Currently, dental CAD/CAM technology together with zirconium represent state of the art dentistry and permit us to provide you with cosmetic prostheses manufactured in a computerised manner using a highly precise, standardised and personalised process.

Metal ceramic crowns

Metal ceramic crowns are a traditional type of crown often used in crown and bridge cases. They are often fitted onto back teeth and are considered a strong, robust type of crown.

But they are viewed as less attractive. Many people choose the all ceramic crowns, zirconium or the E-Max crown for their greater aesthetic appeal.

E-Max (all-ceramic crown)

E-Max krunica je vrsta keramičke krunice koju odlikuje spoj izdržljivosti i estetske. Ova, kao i cirkonijumska krunica, je vrlo privlačnog izgleda jer je gotovo identična pravim zubima.


There are two types of dentures:



A partial denture is worn by people who only have a teeth missing whereas the complete denture replaces all of your teeth.

Partial denture

A partial denture is useful at preventing your remaining teeth from shifting out of position due to lost teeth. If there is a gap in a row of teeth then what happens is that the teeth either side start moving out of position due to a lack of support. This shifting of position can cause a whole range of problems such as bone loss around that area.
A partial denture can prevent this and is further boosted by the addition of dental implants. These implants will help to secure the denture in place.

Complete denture

A complete or full set of dentures are worn as a replacement for all of your teeth. This is a good option if you have had all your teeth removed as a result of an accident, illness or injury.

DuraFlex™ (Flexible partial dentures)

DuraFlex’s most distinguishing benefit derives from its material makeup, as it is not a nylon base but rather a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer. This material has been used in the medical field for years because of its inert, durable and resistant quality to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. With a water resorption rate that is ten times lower than nylon, DuraFlex is extremely resistant to stain and odors, making it our most durable and color stable flexible solution. In addition, polyolefins are much easier to adjust and polish, and will not gum up when adjusting, making DuraFlex our most convenient and dependable flexible to deliver to our patients.

Denture care

Dentures must be kept clean on a regular basis. They need to be removed last thing at night, brushed, rinsed and then left to soak in a cleaning solution.
Brush the dentures the following morning before placing them into your mouth.
If your dentures become heavily stained then visit your dentist for a professional clean. We will advise you to attend for check ups on a regular basis to ensure that your dentures remain in a tip top condition.
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